Managing your time as an online creator

January 15, 2022

Creators wear multiple hats.

It’s not just filming a YouTube video or writing a newsletter. You also have to consider posting on different social media platforms, design thumbnails, reply to comments, learn new skills, and if you're making money online, there's a lot of admin. This isn't a bad thing, but it can come with one big problem.

The creative part of being a creator can get pushed aside

As a creator, your creativity is your true genius. It's what your audience came to you for. It should be protected.

So, how can you protect your creativity, grow your business and still maintain a good work-life balance?

I came across entrepreneur, Dan Sullivan, who uses focus days, buffer days and free days for his business.

Focus days are for your core genius

Whether it's recording a podcast, filming a youtube video or writing, spend focus days utilising your expertise. This is what your audience comes to you for. It's what gives you the greatest return.

Buffer days are for planning, preparation and learning

Use buffer days to optimise your focus days. This might involve brainstorming your content strategy, doing courses or researching brands to work with. All of these things are crucial for growth but they aren't your true craft.

Free days are free.

Creators feel the need to be switched on 24/7, but this won't help with growth, it just leads to creator burnout. Dan Sullivan plans 150 free days a year and believes they help his focus and buffer days. Every creator needs time off.

Find a ratio of focus days, buffer days and free days that will help you to operate in your core genius, grow as a creator and keep sane.

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