I got productivity wrong.

January 15, 2022

I can't escape productivity content.

At one point, it was all I consumed.

But it never made a difference to my life.

It wasn't that the advice was necessarily bad. Morning routines and pomodoro techniques can be helpful.

The problem was how I consumed it.

I woke up early, I had a great daily planning system and I focused on my top 3 priorities. Yet I always felt overwhelmed. I always felt like I needed to do more. And I still consumed even more content.

Productivity became toxic for me.

The purpose of productivity is to use our time more efficiently so we can maximise rewarding activities.

But I would get things done, and rather than embrace free time, I'd try and do more on my to do list.

In the end I got tired and almost resentful of productivity content. That was until I realised that I just had to be more self-aware and mindful.

So now, this is what productivity looks like for me.

I enjoy the process more than the outcome. I'm no longer reliant on the dopamine kick of ticking something off my to do list.

I let go of guilt. No matter how productive I was, I always felt guilty for not doing more. Now I embrace doing nothing.

I quit the race. Part of my problem was that I was comparing what I was doing to others. I constantly felt behind and used productivity as a comfort blanket to feel like I was getting ahead. Now I just go at my own pace.

I'm selective. Not all productivity advice works for me. Equally, not all productivity advice is necessary for me.

Productivity can disguise itself as purpose and fulfilment. By being more self-aware, we can keep productivity into perspective. In doing so, we embrace the real meaning of productivity.

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