It's me again!

October 23, 2021

It has seriously been a while since I landed in your inbox.

I hate using the word “busy” because I often think we let being busy overtake our lives and get in the way of things which truly matter. I’m so conscious of this all the time. However, I really have been busy with things that have meant a great deal to me, and because of that, I’ve let a lot of things slide (including this newsletter).

I got married last month. I’m not the big wedding type of girl at all. I didn’t grow up thinking about wedding dresses and walking down the aisle, in fact I used to dream more about my graduation day than I did my own wedding! It’s not that I don’t believe in marriage or love, on the contrary I’m a huge romantic, it’s just that big fat Indian weddings have never appealed to me and they’re the only types of weddings I’ve ever been to. However with Covid-19, everything changed. In the UK, weddings became restricted, and my eyes opened to the possibility of a small Indian wedding.

I got engaged in April, and I’ve spent the last few months pouring my heart into a wedding that felt worthy of my relationship. I didn’t hire a wedding planner as I wanted to be the one to create a wedding that was truly about my husband and I. I took on everything, even designing all of the signs, menus and ceremony programmes. In the end, we had the most magical day. It was more than I could have ever imagined.

So whilst I’ve sort of neglected this newsletter, fitness, yoga, friends and family since April, I’m also proud of myself for taking the time to soak in something that will (hopefully) only come round once in my lifetime. I’m so happy I poured my heart and soul into it, and what was so satisfying was having my friends and family say to me after the wedding that they understood why I had been so busy up until then. It took away all the guilt I had been feeling.

I believe in making every day of our lives as magical as we can. Everyday should be extraordinary. However, in our lifetime there are certain milestones that may not happen often, and I think there’s no better reason to fall behind on other things in your life so you can enjoy it as much as possible, even if that means telling other people that you’re busy. Those milestones may give you memories that give you even more reason to celebrate everyday. I only have to look at photos of my wedding day to be overcome with emotions of joy, happiness and love, which seep into the rest of my day. So yes, on this occasion, I’m super happy I was busy.


Akta (aka Mrs Vibes)

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