Life got in the way

October 23, 2021

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve really struggled to keep up with the consistency of writing a newsletter.

I originally set the goal to write and publish once a week. It’s not that I haven’t got the time, but I haven’t made the time. I’ve sort of given myself permission not to be too rigid with this. I’d rather write when I feel inspired, and not forced. Too often, I get laser focused with things, and nothing gets in the way, but I want life to get in the way. Life should get in the way.

So, if I’m honest, my mind has been elsewhere.

I’m getting married very soon, and wedding prep has taken over my life. I’d love to say that I haven’t become bridezilla, but I’m already a bit of a dragon, so the scales come on pretty easily! I really want to enjoy my wedding month as much as I can, so I’m currently batching a lot of videos for YouTube which has taken precedence in terms of content- I love writing, but I love putting my heart and soul into videos so much more.

I’m also trying to enjoy my time off outside of work and content creation. Recently I climbed Snowdon; it was the first time I’ve ever climbed a mountain and holy mother of dragons, it was incredible. The views were absolute magic, and I’m grateful for the abilities of my own body and for the memories that I made.

Getting closer to the summit at Snowdon
Getting closer to the summit at Snowdon

So, this Sunday newsletter is to say that I’ve missed you, I’ve not forgotten you, and I’m grateful that you’re here. And whilst I love working on things that I enjoy, too often we look for happiness and meaning in the work that we do, when there’s so much else in life that already brings us happiness.

Words of the Week

“The things that matter most should never be at the mercy of the things that matter least.”

- Goethe

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