The niche dilemma

January 15, 2022

Since becoming a creator online, finding a niche has been one of my biggest pain points.

I started Youtube by making videos on skincare. I got bored quickly and then made videos about yoga, my iPhone set up and building confidence.

Then I did Ali Abdaal's Youtube course. I got told to "niche down to blow up".

The advice was that if you want to grow quickly, you have to be as niche as possible. If you don't mind growing slowly, then you don't have to worry as much.

And this is for content creation regardless of platform.

It's easier to grow if you have a specific niche like fitness, travel, tech or productivity, and even then, that's not nearly specific enough.

But niching down doesn't necessarily make things easy

I thought niching down would make content creation effortless. Yet I know so many people who niched down, grew their platform and then felt stuck. They couldn't talk about fitness if their audience was there for crypto.

So is niching down possible for a personal brand?

If I was strictly aiming to create a business on Youtube, I'd start a commentary channel or a product review channel. I probably wouldn't have a channel with me on it. But my YouTube channel explores my own journey. It has my own name and my own face. So having a stereotypical niche doesn't always work. I'm not a clear cut category or product. I'm human.

I've learnt from creators like Kelly Stamps that sometimes you can be your own niche. Whatever combination of interests, skills and traits you have, they're as specific to you as you can get.

You might not find a niche, but you can create one.

We build our audiences through connection. This connection can be born from a hyperspecific niche. But we can also connect by just being ourselves.

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