Why 99% of people don't create online

January 15, 2022

There's a 90-9-1 rule which describes how most people participate online:

  • 90% are lurkers; they're present but never comment or engage
  • 9% casually engage by commenting or liking posts, but rarely post their own content
  • 1% of people create most of the content we see

Many people are stuck in the 99%, even if they want to create. Here's 5 reasons why and how to overcome them.

"I'm scared of putting myself out there"

This stopped me from creating for years. I thought people in my real life would think I was cringey.

It's scary, but it's also scary to let people (who you probably don't even like) make decisions for you.

"I don't have anything to say"

Most people think they need a clear hobby or expertise to create. A niche does help, but you can share anything online and attract likeminded people. I always think of Kelly Stamps, who built her 650k audience on telling stories about her day to day life.

"Who cares what I've got to say?"

You'll be posting to crickets to begin with. This is not a bad thing. See it as free rein to experiment without worrying about external pressure.

"I don't have the time or know how"

Often this is just an excuse to cover up the real reason- fear (most likely related to the other 3 reasons). Being an online creator is like anything, you make the time and you learn the skills as you go along.

If you get out of your own way, you join the 1%

It doesn't matter if people think you're weird, if you have nothing to say or if there's no one at the other end. By choosing to create, you join the 1% brave enough to push past their fear. And that's worth paying attention to.

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