Working with me

For sponsorships and advertising, please visit this booking page or email me. For any other business enquires, use the form below. Please see the FAQ below on hiring if you'd like to work for me.

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Getting in touch

If you'd like my advice on anything, you can ask me here and find the answers here. I read every message and comment on  Twitter and Instagram but unfortunately it's super difficult for me to respond to all of them. I hope you can understand!


I've collected some of the most common questions I get asked.

Are you hiring?

I'm not currently hiring for any roles. I have no plans to create short-form content so I'm not looking for anyone to repurpose my YouTube content into TikToks, Instagram reels, or YouTube shorts. If you're an editor, feel free to send over your portfolio in case I ever decide to work with someone.

Can we be friends? / I need someone to speak to

I have a playlist on my channel for anyone who is feeling lonely. I hope it's helpful. Beyond that, I don’t feel comfortable giving individual advice to people I don’t know because I’m not a trained therapist. I hope the videos I share help you find friendships in your life or through this community. Give the people in your life a chance by opening up to them or if you feel you have no one, please seek professional help. I'm sending you love and good wishes.

I want to change careers. Can you give me some advice?

I have a playlist on my channel for anyone who wants to change careers. I share my experience of figuring out what to do next, quitting, my thoughts on dream jobs, and I have a Q&A video on leaving dentistry too. I get a lot of messages from people asking for advice on career changes and right now I don't have the capacity to give individual advice. I hope you can understand!

What camera do you use for YouTube videos? How long does it take?

You can find all the gear I use here. Each video varies, some videos take me 15 hours, some up to 40 hours.